South Surrey Real Estate: We Bought A Family Home!

  1. Cteachr says:

    Well, I am happy you’ve found your dream home! It looks very similar to my new home, suite and all. I have to say the suite is what made me realize we could afford the larger, new home. Our new neighbours seem to think the same way. I see multigenerational families living around here. Enjoy visiting the construction at every stage and don’t be disappointed if it runs a little longer than planned. You’ll get there. You are right, I have no idea how young families get into the housing market without a lot of luck, some good financial planning and sometimes a bit of help from their families.

    • kmoney says:

      Thank you Catherine! It sure does remind me of your gorgeous new home, except without your amazing view of the pond! The multi-generational thing sure makes sense, especially in this housing market! I’d love to have a built-in babysitter! lol!

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