Kama means love in Sanskrit. I’m a mom, wife, teacher and blogger with a passion for community and destination marketing.  You can catch us eating at local restaurants, learning about history at museums, or browsing fresh produce and handmade goods at farmer’s markets. Want to know more? Read on. 

about me

Just a few years ago, my son and I lived in Port Alberni.  I was teaching and also trying to make ends meet as a single mom. I needed to find a second job, and I seemed to have a knack for social media.  My first paid contract was spearheading a social media campaign to help the city overcome its reputation as 'The Worst Place To Live In Canada'.  This was followed by projects with the Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Legislative Assembly, and a Realtor. I learned an arsenal of new skills, like how to make campaigns go viral, grow organic engaged audiences, and create calls to action that convert. 

how things got started


Fast forward a few years. I fell in love with a grocery store manager and we moved to the suburbs of Surrey BC. Without many connections over here, I decided to learn some new skills and start my own thing. 

and now here we are

During the day, I’m a full-time English + Art teacher and Indigenous Graduation Advocate in Surrey-- BC's largest school district.  On the evenings and weekends, I share our family’s life and adventures together with this blog.
I’m mostly known for being a community-minded teacher, influential storyteller, and relatable working mom. For this, I’ve been honoured with: UNICEF BC Teacher of the Year, Vancouver Island’s 20 Under 40 Business and Community Achievement Award, and Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger. I volunteer with BC Children's Hospital as an ambassador for their Jean Up and Snowball Fight For Kids fundraising campaigns. 

What makes me jump out of bed each morning? Well, it’s having the chance to help people come up with a future story, and the ability to make it happen. I’m most passionate about amplifying the voice of brands and community organizations who make our world a better place through local + global action.