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Kama is a mom, blogger and teacher in bustling Surrey BC. She has a passion for social good + motherhood. Ethigal Blog shares lifestyle, family and travel inspo for the conscious community woman. 


I'M kama! Mom, teacher, + BLOGGER

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While Kama has a passport chock full of stamps, things have changed a bit since becoming a mom. Her family ‘thinks globally while acting locally’, with their love for small shops + big adventures.  She has over a decade of PR experience with non-profits, businesses + destination marketing.

Early in her career as a teacher, she began working with at-risk youth, which inspired her MA in Community Development + Adult Education. Her travels to Kenya with Red Rose Tea + Me to We, and Rwanda with Because I am A Girl + smartwater provided powerful lessons about corporate social responsibility + women’s cooperatives. These trips also served as media boot camp with interviews on CBC Radio, CTV, + Elle Canada.

Kama is grateful for the chance to be creative + share the stories of their adventures together in this blog.

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Hi there, I’m Kama. True Story:
My selfie stick was confiscated at the White House.

In addition to teaching full time, I love sharing stories of small shops and big adventures—especially ones that are good for the community.

I’ve worked on some cool social media projects in the past. These ended when I moved from my small hometown on Vancouver Island to South Surrey/ White Rock. Without any connections over here, I decided to go rogue. I learned some new skills and started my own thing…which has morphed into this blog. Ethigal has been a great way to meet new people and collab on some successful projects with local brands.

for the conscious community woman

If you're a local business or brand looking to connect with the conscious consumer, we just might have something to talk about.

I specialize in authentic influencer marketing campaigns for small shops, community organizations, tourism boards, and ethically minded businesses.  If you're looking for an enthusiastic ambassador and long term fan, check out what my other partners have to say!

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social good + mamahood

I absolutely loved working with Kama. It was such a positive experience for Finlandia - we saw rapid growth in our following, like we've never seen before, just after a few days of working with her. We really appreciate her diligence and strong initiative in creatively delivering brand awareness for us!.

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- Jasmine, finlandia health

You can tell that your audience is homegrown and organic, they all love your posts and I truly felt like this will motivate new moms and dads to come out and explore White Rock. 

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- andrea, kid approved bc

It was a real pleasure to work with Kama. Her article and social media exposure of my business and the She is Strong program that we run, helped to increase awareness of my business and the program. I have recieved messages from ladies telling me that they love her brows, and would trust me because of that. It was definitely a worthwhile and fun collaboration to do. I am so happy to have met and worked with Kama!

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- mandi, avenue 42

Kama has done an amazing job at quickly growing her presence on social media over the past year, and has established herself as a go-to source for her community of local-lovers. She has a keen sense of brand, community, and connection - all areas necessary to create and maintain real influence amongst her followers. I am always eager to read about the brands she works with and know that she's a source I can trust!

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